Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Notes on Writing

I was speaking last night with some writer friends about current projects. "I'm using Scrivener," I said, "which is a good thing because it allows me to section off the scenes in my stories, which prevents me from going back to the beginning and re-writing it." That's what I do when I get stuck in a story; go back and re-work the story's beginning. At least when I'm using Scrivener, I can only scroll up to the beginning of the current section.

Right now I've been resisting the urge to re-work the beginnings. This manuscript has been resisting me -- or rather I should say that as I get closer to the climax of the story I've been finding it more difficult to write. I like happy-fun stories, and ultimately, this current story is about transformative loss.

What I'm resisting is the Stanislavsky method of writing. In order to write believable characters who are operating at full emotional and mental capacity, I have to get into their heads. Which means that I have to get inside their loss. Which means that writing this story will be a little like going to a funeral. The tricky part will writing this while not having an End-of-Moulin-Rouge-Tearfest.

On a slightly different topic, I woke up sore today. In that vein, "And now for something completely different..."

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