Friday, August 06, 2010

Shades of What?

I figured, why should Mary Robinette Kowal have all the fun, and so I built a little shadow box out of my favorite art supply (an empty cereal box) and some white paper. I managed to snap a couple of shots before the batteries in my camera ran out (so much for advance technology). The shadow box is still operational and promises hours of family entertainment. (Okay, it's true; I already want a larger shadow box so we can fit more dinosaurs into various tableaux.)

So... Um... Imagine a story Jane Austen might write -- where Unicorns wield the fate of the Cretaceous !

Now all I have to do is make some Regency outfits for the unicorn and the theropod. Heh.

(...and experiment with a magnifying lens and the Lava Lamp.... and I want to see if I can put a horizontal mirror behind the screen, cover the mirror with paper which has star shaped holes punched in it, and get another lamp so I can project stars off of the mirror onto the screen....)
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