Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skyline Park Concert

2010-06-10 Thursday

This was a flight recovery day.

In the evening, we went to hear Veronica's husband, Joe, play drums for a Reggae Band at Skyline Park. The architecture there reminded me of Reed College because it was brick and Tudor timbered. It was built about the same time as Reed, too.

Mark sent me off to photograph everything while the rest of the relatives listened to music. [Scenes of teen boys teaching five year olds sarcastic zombie fart jokes deleted]

The feature from the park that most sticks in my mind was the promenade. A narrow pathway of water cascaded out of circular pool's rim, and then fell four feet into a pool below. Above it all was the brick manor about a quarter mile in the distance.

Okay. The other instant that sticks with me was when I was coming up on a photographer and a newlywed couple. They had paused for a shot in a gazebo I wanted to pass through to get back to the distant concert. The photographer noticed the couple's gaze focused on something behind her and turned. "EEEK!" she gasped. "Boo!" I said and smiled. She hadn't heard me on the gravel path.

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