Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alien Butterfly Unicorn Dream

This morning I had a bunch of vivid dream imagery. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to write everything down, so all I have are some disjointed images. These are roughly in the order that I dreamed them. I think.

My Dad and I were walking outside somewhere and we came to a kind of hotel / sculpture. There was a long lake or a pool. In the pool or lake was a long whitish rock (granite?). Poking out of the rock was a sculptural array of steel rods, about the width of a finger and over six feet long, which held up a white tent or canopy. [Waking life comment: given that we were outside, given the tent and pool construction, this might have been a very disguised Colly Soleri Music Center]

I was in some kind of X-Files adventure. I was at a hotel convention/banquet room. I guess I was Mulder, because Scully had gone off to our room, 122. There was some sort of mix-up, because the Bad Guys needed rooms 121, 122 and 123 -- or else the Covert Entity the Bad Guys were chasing needed the room. [Waking life comment: I'd critiqued a short story with similar room numbers]. I got a phone message (I have an image of a French-style chrome, square box telephone being handed to me). A male voice told me that if I wanted to see Scully again, I'd have to come up to room 122.

Room 122. It was a long, narrow, studio apartment. Lots of large windows on I was talking with a white horse. It might have been a white unicorn. I'm not sure if I was Fox Mulder or my Dad. During the course of this conversation the white quadruped revealed that 1) we were in danger, 2) it had set up the hotel with its own agents, and 3) while it was mostly in control of things, it wasn't completely in control of the hotel's security forces, and 4) OMG! It got dark, the lights were on, and the shades were up.

The white quadruped then started turning off the lights and pulling down the shades. But it was too late. We'd somehow Broken The Rules. Paramilitary forces in green camouflage, helmet and toting rifles came running up stairs and down hallways. The white quadruped decided that it needed to help out, and transformed into a large red/brown eagle. When the leader of the security forces fired an energy rifle at Mulder (who was now either my Dad or an Andy Griffith/Dick Van Dyke amalgam) the eagle formerly known as a possibly white unicorn flew into the line of fire, yelling, "Stop!" Insert Marvel Comics style graphics here, with yellow-red energy beam, spherical energy beads building up, outspread eagle wings forming an energy shield, and anthropomorphized eagle eyes wincing in super-sacrifice mode. The attack ends with the eagle diverting the energy beam, but getting a non-fatal chunk singed out of it.

A bunch of teen and pre-teen girls comes over to the entity (alien? unicorn? horse? eagle?) and start to talk to it. I think they're outside on the white rock in the lake, but I could be wrong. I have the impression of a body of water, at least. This is bad for the entity, because the girls haven't developed souls yet; so the entity (which is now taking on a kind of Faerie aspect) doesn't have anything to push against. The entity tries to transform, but ends up looking like some sort of very small, squirming worm or embryo. Unfazed by this squirminess, the girls continue speaking with the entity.

A swarm of monarch butterflies flies through space. Below, the Earth. One by one, they spiral down over a lake. They land on the shores of the lake, slowly covering it. A face, made up of monarch butterflies, begins to form over the lake. A voice-over says how the alien intelligence merged with the land, and then took over local humans in order to make the land a nature preserve. [Waking life comment: Wow, this is a much better idea than the other alien thought-transference character I'm currently writing.]

I'm agent Scully, and the dream point-of-view is out of and a little over my head. I'm in some sort of parallel world controlled by the alien. About four of us are outside; the ruin of a concrete building surrounds us, and the rubble under us is scorched black. The alien, I'm not sure in what shape, if any, says something along the lines of "You can't leave, now." I can fly, and I try to fly out of the setting, but I can only levitate up about four feet, and I can't move forward or backward [Walking life comment: Who needs a Second Life Agent Scully avatar with dreams like this?]

There was more, but I think that's enough disjointed narrative for one posting...
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