Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad signs from Second Life

General Notes:
  • When I photograph things, I'm now thinking, "that would make an interesting texture to apply to the outside of a virtual cube."

  • When I look at an object -- say, a building -- I start to break it down into its simple geometric forms.

  • Thoughts like, "I'll bet if I made a hollow cylinder and then cut it so that only twenty-five percent of the curve showed, it would look like the top of that building's façade."

  • I dreamed the other day that when I touched things, XYZ arrows popped out of them to indicate how far I'd moved them.

Good for writing:
If I ever actually hook up with one, I can attend a poetry reading without having to leave my house.

Bad for writing:
Second Life sucks more time than housecleaning.

Good for writing: Just like building a story, building a virtual object is a lot easier with a little bit of forethought. So building is an alternate practice for planning things.

Bad for writing: Second Life's creation process is a heck of a lot faster (and more instantly gratifying) than getting published.

Good for writing: It's Research! (Yeah, that's the ticket.) I can probably write about addiction, good and bad on-line social interaction, and I have a better idea of the size of some of the NASA hardware after visiting the NASA SL site. (And I got a free virtual space suit!)
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