Monday, November 09, 2009

News Flash

On the health front: my shoulder is still stiff. I think it's improving. I've been congested the last few days, but I have no fever.

On the story front: I just finished a science fiction story I could send to Analog, but it needs critique. I also sent out a boatload of stories via e-mail and US Postal Service. I really should write a novel now, since that's supposedly where authors make their bread and butter.

On the recreational reading front: I haven't finished "The Age of Wonder," and since it's a new book, I have to return it to the library. Sir William Hershall and his sister, Caroline, were very interesting people. I guess I'll have to sign up for the book again.

On the religion front: Today has been the day for religious discussions. First a flurry of e-mails about Karen Armstrong, faith, logos, Origen, Celsus, and fundamentalism. Then a request by a high school student to interview me about Neo-Paganism.

On the weather front: The rain has knocked off most of the leaves from the trees and is busily trying to send them down into the city drains. Mark says that none of the leaks around the chimney seem to have returned.

On the truck front: Mark's truck blew out a spark plug. He put a new one back in, but wonders if other spark plugs will blow out at some random time in the future. He is kind of wishing that he had participated in the cash for klunkers program.

On the social network front: I've turned LeechBlock back on on my Firefox Browswer. It prevents me from staying on Twitter for more than ten minutes per hour and blocks me from Facebook for large chunks of time. My productivity has improved accordingly.
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