Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dream: Hasty Stag Knight

The dream's setting was the middle ages. The people were dressed in long robes that made me think the time was around 900 AD. There was a large stone castle (which now that I think about it, is anachronistic, since mostly stone castles didn't appear until about 1100-1200). The village hugging the walls of the castle was made mostly of stone with thatched roofs.

The main characters in the dream were a lady, her twenty-something son, and a forty-something knight. The lady reminds me in waking of Agnes Morehead as Endora from Bewitched. Her face was roundish, and she had long hair ala Princess Leia wrapped in loops on either side of her head. Her robes were layers of lavender and emerald silk. Her son was newly knighted. He had silvery armor, with a stag crest on his helm. I think his talberd was brown. The older knight's main attribute was that he was guileful -- his armor wasn't as shiny as the other's and his gear more worn.

I have the impression that the lady had advised her son to not be hasty, or to think carefully, or even possibly not to trust the older knight. She seemed to be a ruler in control of the countryside, but also slightly vexed (in that way that Endora always was).

The two knights were having a kind of mock fight on the wide, gravelly shore of a flat river. Aspens grew on the far shore. The rocks were mostly white. The young knight was pretty invincible. The older knight couldn't best him. So the older knight tricked the younger one into taking off some of his armor for another round.

I have a very strong image of the younger knight holding his helmet like a shield. The bronze stag kneeling on the top blocked a sword swing. The older knight was supposed to pull his blow, but ended up deeply slicing the younger knight on his upper right arm.

The younger knight went wild with pain, fell onto the river rocks, and screamed for someone to please help him take his armor off. The older knight walked away.

There is a break in the dream narrative.

(Pause to imagine a fade-over of the lady and the river.) The lady had caused her young son's sword to be taken across the river so that it would not cause further troubles while he heeled. I have a strong vision of a door with a rounded top, with a circle window in the top, set in a river stone frame buttress sticking out of a stone house (it's difficult for me to figure out how they built an arching, half-circle roof out of river stones because I don't recall seeing mortar).

A man, presumably a healer, stepped out of the door and along a cobbled street...

...and that's all I recall.
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