Tuesday, July 07, 2009

2009-07-09 Dream: Wedding Performance Anxiety

I dreamed ... Mark and I were walking through an airport terminal. We thought maybe we had accidentaly gotten onto a plane to Russia, but it was the airport staff deicing the terminal.

There was a back-to-school scene and I was trying to get things together for an exam....

Then I had won a lottery and managed to meet Micheal Jackson (reports of his death had been wildly exaggerated). There was a mix up, but I managed to meet with Mr. Jackson. He was dresses as a pirate captain (he had his own giant, road-worthy, bus/pirate ship).

He started to teach me a dance, and after a short while I found myself having a short cameo in a music video. (Lots of black and purple cloak swirling, sashaying, and shoulder work.)

Then things got dark... (we'll skip the dark parts which involved biting and an insane asylum)

And I woke with the coolest music in my head... and I was going to see about playing it when I've just realized that it was a harmony line for "The Sore Feet" song.

So I'm pretty sure this is an anxiety dream about singing and teaching dance at a medieval style wedding.
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