Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009-04-14 Dream:  You Are The Eagle On My Head

We join the dream in progress...

Insert typical driving in the old Chevy Impala station wagon / returning to College sequences here. I had moved into a dorm room. By some luck, I had a single room. It was L-shaped, with a greenhouse window bank, as if the room had once opened out on a roof, but was now glased in.

Half-empty boxes littered the floor, and I have a strong image of clothes waiting to be hung up (in waking life, looks guiltily around the house).

The dream narrative breaks.

I have the impression I was on a family excursion to a zoo or garden. At some point the setting transitioned from outside to inside a very large building.

We were looking into an animal pen. The walls were about seven feet high and made of concrete. The pen was about ten feet by twenty-five feet. Most of the animals were birds, but there was no netting or cage on the top of the pen.

Most of the family went onto the rest of the displays. I was sitting on the edge of the wall, with my legs dangling into the pen, when a cat-sized bald eagle (mature, gold-brown wings, white head, yellow hooked beak -- and they're normally much bigger) flew up to me. Then it hopped onto my arm, and walked up to my shoulder (sort of like a parrot). At some point it may have been on my head (if this had been in real life, my arm would have been a cut-up bloody mess, as eagles have very strong, very sharp talons). I was very aware that the eagle's face was very close to my face.

I sat on the wall with an eagle on my head for a short while until Mark came back and said, "Everyone wants to go."

"I've got this eagle on my head," I said, "And I can't get it off."

"Here," said Mark. He lifted the eagle off of me and it flew into the pen.

... and the dream continued...
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