Monday, March 30, 2009

2009-03-30 Dreams

Dreampt I was Batman (I think)... I was helping someone by following them electroncially... something about an inn, possiblly with Templars... (rats, should have written it down at 4 AM, because I have the impression there was lots of swirly, "I just played with burning alcohol" images).

Mark and I were at an unspecified East Coast city near the ocean.  The dream turned into a Charlie Brown history cartoon, and we were looking for how the Mayflower got to the city, which wasn't on the coast.  I think we were still 3D flesh-and-blood humans, but there were a lot of setting details that were cartoon.

We reasoned that there was a channel to the sea; there was discussion about if the channel opening would meet the ocean over an expanse of beach, or over a rock (?basalt?) shelf.  We chose shelf and managed to find evidence of the channel  (inseart cartoon grahic of Mayflower travelling up channel).  

The channel came out at Brekenridge (which in real life is a mountain resort town in Colorado). Nancy, a friend of ours who worked and lived in Brekenridge with Mark, made a brief cameo appearance to point to a map and tell us the name of city (Brekenridge) where the channel came out.

I think I woke up at this point.  What I've remembered sounds like a rehash of various conversations from yesterday.
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