Friday, February 20, 2009

More Wandering Dreams

I was in a hotel lobby.  Everything was upholstered and tawny.  I got into an elevator, and was holding the door for a woman (I think she had a cart).  "What floor?" I asked.  "Fourth," she said, "but that's not on your panel."  She took out a key and opened a service panel with extra buttons.  

The doors opened on the fourth floor --  a bi-level atrium filled with lush tropical plants - lots of wide green leaves.  A stream burbled through the room.  "Oh," I said, "can take a peek?"  

"Sure," the woman said, and I had the impression that I was being allowed in because I had held the elevator for her earlier.  She left to do her errand, and I walked along a path.  I said to someone that this must be the green room where Lassie waited between acts.  I set my "man purse" / shoulderbag down.  The path went around the corner of a wall, and through a door.  When I went through the door, it locked behind me.  Some marketing folks were there and for filling out a questionnaire I got two discount coupons to Disney World.  About this time I missed my bag.

Someone let me go back and get it.
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