Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Contented with Just One Tequila Drink

Just got back from a discussion on the Holocene, Lillith/Ishtar, the copper age tools, ESL, "The Tipping Point," "Outliers," dream interpretation, critique styles, novel outlines, hypertexting, tag clouds, "democracy" in the French monarchy, IQ tests and testing, theta waves and thinking out of the box, education and graduate schools, the history of Wicca, Neo-Pagan theology and philosophy, hypertext concordance tools, Margaret Murray, Merlin Stone, Carol Christ, Starhawk, the World Bank protests in Quebec, Gerald Garnder, Dion Fortune, Alestair Crowley, Doreen Valiante, the Mystical Qabalah, numerology, seeing Deity in a rainbow, being in the Here and Now, and Neo-Pagan appropriation of the Christian phrase"Removing the logs out of my eyes."  

I think we closed down the bar.  

Man, sometimes I wish I could be a Neo-Pagan rabbi (and I guess I really do need to write that text concordance tool).
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