Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Searchings

Tonight at Wordos is going to be interesting. Six of us worked from the same story outline and turned in (more or less) the same stories. Probably what's most intriguing is how the supporting characters (who were least defined by the experiment) came out differently. One character consistently came out as either "Natasha Fatale" or Lee Meriwether's "Miss Kitka" (aka Catwoman disguised as a Russian newspaper reporter).

In the "surfing the web instead of writing" department, I've been trying to find a video of The Cookie Problem, and the image of a woman standing on the surface of Mars in a Green dress from a picture snapped by the Spirit Rover. So far both have eluded me.

And then there's Twitter. So far it's been good for learning new things at NASA (for example the green dressed woman on Mars). (Isn't that a false color image, anyway?)
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