Sunday, January 04, 2009

Three Dreams

Things here are kind of calm on the Grandma Front. I created a Google Map for family and friends to drop markers with memories of her. My Mom and I spent some time trying to find the old Farmstead where she was born. There's an old family graveyard (pioneer style), but the location is written in terms of plats and headings, not GPS coordinates, so that one's proving harder to place.

I thought I might have a dream about Grandma, but instead I had a dream about elevators (always a bad sign of anxiety) and certain irritating people invading my space. Friday night (the night Grandma died) I had three dreams which I was going to post anyway....

The first was a kind of video documentary that started out with some people I know. Anyway all sorts of antics were going on and then I'd walk out of (my old house on Adams) and do normal mundane things (like walking around and pulling the occasional weed) completely unaware of the circus.

The second was more Arthurian. A bad noble had imprisoned King Arthur within a circle of twelve long swords. Because it was a dream, the swords started out being under white circular pavillion but later it seemed as if the sword circle were in a stone tower. The swords themselves reminded me of the swords from the Rider Waite tarot deck -- they were shiny, long, with large hilts.

King Arthur was a little cold, and had a fire of about three lumps of coal with him within the circle. But the bad noble (rather Scrooge like) only brought him enough coal (usually a lump or two) to keep a small fire going.

The King and I looked out a window and saw the Pearwood Pipers (a music group I play harp in) riding beneath the tower. The bad noble had caused a crevasse to open up and they had to urge their horses to jump over the crevasse. One of them didn't quite make it, and was stuck. This was part of the noble's plan (although I'm not sure how catching traveling musicians furthered his goals...)

The third dream was a kind of 1960's World of Tomorrow. I walked into a room that in waking reminds me of my parent's living room. Only with more chrome and glass. And lots of white fabric. A virtual hostess appeared on a giant glass screen (where the fireplace would be in real life). She reminded me vaguely of Shirley Bassy. She wore a white body suit with various bands of black on her arms and legs (remember, this was the 1960's, so it was supposed to look futuristic). It's possible that some of her bands weren't black, and were mylar. I also have the impression that vinyl spheres, cubes, and pyramids were sown onto her suit around the upper torso area (no, *not* in a Tank Girl or Madonna kind of way).

The guests arrived. White fabric fluttered. Martinis, daiquiris and margaritas flowed. There was clever conversation. I think somehow the virtual hostess and I got into some kind of argument... less rock-em-sock-em and more debate. My closing argument was to say something like, "But you're just a program," pick up a dark remote, aim it at the screen, and turn it off.
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