Thursday, November 20, 2008

Notes and Dreams

Well... Let's see.

I think the dark is affecting me.  Either than or kicking the Pepsi habit from 24 fluid ounces a day to 12 every other day is.  

In the writing department:  I got another rejection.  It was a very nice form letter, obviously from a stack of form letters, that said, "Gee; we know you writers work really hard, but we don't have the time to do more than send you this really nice rejection letter."  I had to write the date and the name of the piece on it for my records.  Of all but one of the stories that I sent out at the beginning of last October, none of them sold (the final one is at a market that has a six month turn around time).  

In the house department:  I managed to prime and get a first coat of new paint over the strip of water blistered paint that Mark noticed last week.  Just in time:  the winter rains have begun and it's likely that they won't stop until February or April (OK, that's not quite true, but sometimes it seems like it).  So hurray!  The house is more or less the color it should be in the front.

In the dream department:  I had a very long convoluted dream.  The main conflict was that I was on a boat along with another guy who was somehow a college friend.  The boat was hijacked by a twenty-something girl and taken to a secret river harbor.   There was lots of flying, and an art show, and at one point the boat (a large yacht) turned out to be an inflatable boat with a hole in it.

The other main part of the dream was trying to recall an e-mail posting I'd made to a mail group which involved instructions (with illustrations) of how to make a suspended table in the silhouette of a person -- the joints were joined by chain links.  So the the table (or shelf) was like a shadow puppet, only horizontal instead of vertical.    And at the same time the table was an essay.  And I couldn't remember exactly what I'd called it and I was trying to remember when I'd e-mailed it.  I spent a long time in a kind of dream-fugue trying to recall the steps of the argument in the essay so I could remember the e-mail's title.  
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