Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordos Halloween Reading

Last night was the Wordos Halloween Reading -- instead of a regular critique night we read 1000 word (or less) stories. The theme for the reading was "dearly departed." Man, was it grim. I think with a few exceptions, everyone had their characters' family members killed off. Somehow, I managed to write two stories -- one was funny and the other was -- er, Tanith Lee-esque. I was going to flip a coin to see which one I'd read, but by the time it was my turn there'd been a lot of grim stories. So I went for funny. I'm thinking the grim one will go to Whidbey (it's under the word count limit).

At the end of the reading we decided the unofficial theme for next year is "fuzzy bunnies and the elves who love them." (Yes, within ten seconds one end of the table had already outlined a crucified fuzzy bunny Easter story.)

This morning was a crazy day. I don't know where my keys are; after searching the house for about twenty minutes, I finally broke down and got my alternate keys. Sometimes when I've been wearing different jackets, my keys end up in a seldom-used pocket... but I went through four jacktets and I still couldn't find them.

Oh well. I think it was a kind of object lesson in remaining calm instead of getting more and more frustrated -- although I was a little late getting to my first appointment, in the end it didn't matter and I got where I needed to more or less on time as the day went on.
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