Monday, October 06, 2008

Our Story So Far...

I figured out some plausible rubber science for the traffic story and I worked it in this afternoon. It's rough, and I'll see if the parts I worked on still make sense tomorrow. I need to check a few other things in the manuscript, polish it up, and hope to start it up on the send-reject-resend cycle; hopefully by this Thursday or Friday.

Now that Mark is back, there's been some re-alignment of The Great Garage Clear-out. Most notable was the space in front of he lateral files. Some ladders and other stuff got placed in front of the files; after I moved the ladders to a new (and hopefully acceptable) place, I put blue tape on the ground to outline how far out the file drawers pull out. I think that will keep the area in front of them clear.  I'm hopeful that the new arrangement in general will keep our garage a more usable space. . . . and yes, I have a lot of useless garbage that needs to be sifted through for the good stuff and then thrown out.


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