Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've Read About These Somewhere...

Our farmer delivered produced today. I should have reminded her that I'm sensitive to peppers and can't eat them. I managed to give a few away so they won't be wasted.

But there's still one problem; or rather two.

I recognize the eggplants, the tomatoes, the cabbages and broccoli.  But I don't know what one green leafy vegetable is -- I know it's not spinach, and I suspect it might be related to kale.

And I have no idea what the long white thing is. Last time I saw something like this I called it a white carrot (it was a turnip) and Mark's never let me forget it. So, it wants to be purple, like an eggplant, except that it's mostly white; and it's long, like a cucumber -- I think I'll call it an "albino eggumber."

If you can identify either of these mystery vegetables, let me know (and send a recipe).

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