Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Tea Is Ready

I left the semi-assembled cafe table out, and the new furniture, too.

So of course it rained last night.

This afternoon, I managed to get the table together. The instructrutions are laughably sparce -- just a caption reading, "Assembly Instructions" with a rough diagram of where to put the bolts, washers and legs. Never mind that there are two types of bolts; never mind that the some of the leg pannels go together much more easily one way than another (as I discovered after nearly straining my wrists trying to force them together).

But it's up. If I squint my eyes I can ignore the big box the table came in.

I've got my (mint) tea. I'm outside under an overcast sky with a 58 F breeze blowing (yesterday it was 80F). There are Anna's hummingbirds ten feet away sipping nectar, jays and crows sqabling for the suet in the cherry.

And the wireless network is coming through on my friend's borrowed laptop.

I intend to hang a few star-shaped glass lamps from the overhang for envening ambiance.

It's a good day. (Now start writing!)
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