Monday, June 23, 2008


This solstice I did not lead a Neo-Pagan ritual at the UU church, as I have done the last two years.  It was refreshing to attend someone else's ritual, and, as usual with UU events, challenged me.  Solstice (as are the other solar station holidays) is a good time for me to re-calibrate my portable Stonehenge -- I've gotten lax about moving the day and moon markers -- and I had gotten a little out of sync.  

Another Solstice.  At least the weather has been great -- I don't care if folks have been complaining about "June-uary" here.  I love the fact that it's not 80 F by 11 AM.   The snow pack is good, the rivers are still up with plenty of water; as far as I'm concerned it's ten times better than last year and a hundred times better than the withering summer we had two years ago.  

I've probably jinxed it -- as soon as I publish this I'm sure that we'll have some horrific drought.  And looking ahead, it looks like the end of this week will be pushing the upper limit of my heat comfort zone (82 F).  Mark accuses me of being too intolerant, and predicts that when I'm in my seventies I'll be cranking up the heat.  (Can I help it if my comfort zone is somewhat overcast between 60F and 78F?)

Solstice.  Typically this means that June is winding down and we can get back to some quiet weekends start to think about painting the house.

In the dream department... the last couple of days I've had Thesis Anxiety Nightmares.  Fairly typical; my printed thesis was due by the end of the day, I had all the edits written on my rough draft but not entered into my final draft, my computer was in several pieces in my office and I didn't have the right keys to unlock the door to my office...  

Since I handed in my undergraduate thesis on time in 1987, I'm assuming that my subconscious thinks either I should be turning more short stories into various markets or else I need to tackle that pile of not-quite-ready-to-abandon manuscripts.  Or both.

In the Muriel department; we need to clip her claws.  There's one that is especially long that's going to injure her pads if we don't see to it soon.  At least she has a reason to be a needy irritant.  
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