Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Late Night Musings

Coming out of a odd mood; I'm feeling a little bit like a one-hit-wonder writer-wise ... no, make that an old one-hit-wonder.  I guess chocolate, Pepsi and writing helps, because I don't feel quite so much like a jaded Stephen Sondheim character as I did earlier this evening.   Time to polish off the back-load of not-quite-final-but-critiqued drafts and get them in the mail.

I've decided that although I really like Scrivener as an editing tool,  it would be a better editing tool if I had it on my laptop, which doesn't have the Mac OS on it and therefore can't run Scrivener.  Scrivener helps me to focus in on where a manuscript is broken and work on just that part (mostly).    The other thing Scrivener is good for is reformatting a manuscript quickly -- it seems more and more on-line markets are coming up with their own formatting hoops to jump through.  

But tonight when I went back to using plain old Word on the laptop, I discovered that I do some of my best writing in a discovery mode.  And it may help that I do my writing out of the house, where I'm less easily distracted.  And, to be truthful, the laptop doesn't have an internet connection, so I can't get sucked into e-mail or research.  
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