Saturday, February 02, 2008

Writing and Dreams

Managed to get another manuscript in the mail, queried a market to be on their fast-track e-mail list, and I added some markets to my tracking software, a PHP script (that I wrote myself) that keeps track of where I've sent stories and then lists possible markets (based on genre and word count) ranked by pay. It makes things go more quickly except there are a few stories that seem to have gone though the upper tier markets (so I need to do a little more research or consign the stories to the trunk...) and also I need to make editing when markets are open or closed easier.

In slightly related news, I've discovered the music group, "Venus Hum." Fun, hyper dance music that I could play in front of my Mother and not have to worry about the lyrics.

Last night, I had the oddest dream; Mark and I had to share a hotel room (a nice one, with an open floor plan and a well lighted kitchen with wood and marble counters) with an Evil Family of Mary Lou Retton clones. They weren't really clones, and none of them was really Mary Lou, but they had come to a family gathering that involved synchronized balance beam tumbling. And they were Evil in a middle America kind of way. Here's hoping that the Retton Family won't become a frequent dream anxiety motif. I'm not sure why my subconscious is singling out Mary Lou to be a symbol of anxiety.... now if it were a certain PDX ice skater, I'd understand.
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