Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Latest Writing News

On the odd side: I dreamt that I had come up with a really good, simple story plot. Then I dreamt that I wrote it down. When I woke up for real, all I remember was that I was following a cardinal through a series of secret passages to visit the Pope. We'd go into a square room, he'd open a secret catch, the entire wall would swing away from him, and we'd be in a new square room with a new secret catch. Every now and then we'd enter a room just as another secret door was closing and I'd have a glimpse of bright gleams of light.

On the down side: I got a (nice) rejection from "Clockwork Phoenix."

On the good side: After I put the battery back into the laptop (sans spider), it started (slowly) recharging. After about a day I'm up to 40% of a charge. Maybe by the weekend I'll be up to 100%.

On the racy side: I decided to write a racy story; now I have a manuscript I'm embarrassed by. We'll see how the Wordos react to it.
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