Friday, February 08, 2008

Grandma and Sleep

I visited with my Grandmother the other day; I'd say it was a fair visit -- certainly not the worst, but I've seen her doing a lot better, too. I think part of the reason the visit was so unfocused was that:
  1. I visited her around 2 PM (10 AM would have been better);
  2. the folks at her foster home just moved her into a slightly larger room, so she was thrown a little about where she was (I hung up some of her pictures and I think that helped);
  3. her medical folks recently decided that she didn't have enough oxygen in her bloodstream and hook her up to an oxygen tank (so she kept thinking it was her glasses); and,
  4. as we were going through one of her photo albums, I realized how much I've aged in appearance over the last ten years (well, I'm gray haired, but at least I won't be bald).

I think she did appreciate the visit, but after about a half-hour I noticed that her gaze kept wandering.

I think I need to manage my sleep more. Wednesday, I decided to put my keys, wallet, and cell phone in a vest instead of my bag. You guessed it, I left my vest hanging on a chair in a local establishment. Thursday I left a stack of photos for my mother by the computer instead of bringing them to her during my visit. For an encore, I locked my keys, wallet, and cell phone (in my bag this time) in the car (with the car running).

I'd like to blame the new moon, but I'm pretty sure it's skimping on sleep and not sticking to routines; I always do something stupid with my keys when I don't put them in my bag. Unfortunately, this may mean that I have to choose between keeping my keys or an Alzheimer's-lite life of sticking to routine.

Sigh. (Gads! Look how late it is; and I need to read my e-mail!)
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