Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writing Report

Managed to find a place that stays open later than 10 PM. Unfortunately, it seems to be ringed with speakers playing irritating music. After slogging through a few changes to some manuscripts, I was on a role on a story that I started last weekend when some post-alternative-rock whiner-boy started playing. I quickly roamed around the establishment and discovered that A) the loudest speaker in the joint was over my head, and B) there was a relatively working-speaker-free area with a free table.

Thank goodness for my iPod, which allows me to play my annoying music (which I'm used to and can screen out).

I managed to get a few more pages of manuscript. Last weekend, I managed to transcribe all the story ideas from my cell phone into my laptop. There were about seven ideas; I'd say one or two would make interesting children's stories; a few would make disturbing children's stories; one or two are interesting ideas, but I'm not sure that they have a story attached to them; and one is the one that I've been running with. What I like about it is that the story is allowing me to experiment a little with voice.

I've been invited to join the league of curmudgeons. Now that I'm not feeling as ill as I was last week (and it's the other side of New Moon), I've decided that I don't enjoy being a curmudgeon so much as I do feeling righteously indignant. Oh well, I guess I have practice shouting "Betrayal!" and find an appropriate Queen of the Night outfit.

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