Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Writing Progress

I've been meaning to add this for a while... and now I can.

In writing news...

I pulled last night's writing bonanza into four different story (ahem) ideas.

Then I wrote about four pages of absolutely worthless, thank-you-for-sharing prose before I started to get into a scene that I wanted to work with when the phone rang -- I would have let it ring except that I'm always worried that it will wake The Child and it might be Mark calling. It was a telemarketer for a phone service. I really wanted to strangle the person (and they could tell), even though I realize it's not their fault they work at a call center. Then I switched the phone's ringer off (note to self, get a flashing light to replace the ringer). Of course when I got back to the keyboard I'd lost the thread I'd been following.

I realized that the part of my brain that sings songs and critiques my writing (and my life) was having a good day and that if I wanted to get anything done I'd need to listen to some writing music. Thank the Goddess my iPod had a full charge. And for hot chocolate. Between Varttina and Juno Reactor I managed to more-or-less finish the Wordos Halloween short story at about 600 words. I'll polish it a little next week.

The tea search continues. English Breakfast will do in a pinch as a Ceylon replacement, but I think Sikkim is a closer match -- even if it does have a hint of Assam's bite to it, the complex flavor is full and reminiscent of Ceylon. Mark suggested Yunnan, but I reflexibly recoiled when he did, so I think it's bitter or something (we used to have all of our tea critiques written down, but the record was lost when my Palm Pilot got zapped).
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