Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Writing Progress

Today was a good day -- I think -- for writing. I managed to vomit about 3000 words onto the keyboard. Most of it is unedited dreck. There's some attempt at slipstream that seems to be written by my inner Ingmar Bergman -- we'll save that for the therapy seasons later. But I did get about 300 words of a Wordos Halloween challenge, and I managed to get to the first (very rough) draft of another short story I've been struggling with for a while (it's at 6000 words, and I'm sure the dialog is wooden and some of the characters' motivation needs to be reworked so that it's believable).

I upped my caffeine intake (Assam) to offset the grey clouds and that seemed to be effective. At least it made it easier to giggle when I re-read the text written by Ingmar Bergman and during the resulting obligatory performance of Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street.
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