Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Writing Progress

Wrote 300 words yesterday. I really need to get someone to read the dialog because it seems not-quite-right to me somehow. Or, rather, it seems right for something like The Young and the Restless which isn't what I have in mind.

The Tsunami Books book signing and WOTF panel went well. We had a good turn-out and sold twelve copies of the anthology. You can see me reading an excerpt from my story (I'm sitting in front of a bunch of previous WOTF volumes that Wordos have been in) while Stephen Stanley and Damon Kaswell listen.

A really big thanks to Scott and all the folks at Tsunami Books in Eugene for hosting this event (and for letting the Wordos hold their sessions there every Tuesday evening)!

A slightly-delayed Wordos critique session followed and one of my stories got savaged ("John, this is beautiful language, but..."). As usual, I got too far into the story and so I and my characters knew what they were talking about and doing, but the readers didn't and were annoyed and confused. I'm thinking that maybe this story (which was my WOTF workshop 24-hour story) might be a good candidate for Nanoramo (or however you spell it).
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