Thursday, September 20, 2007

Writing Progress

Had a really good writing night Tuesday -- the Wordos had a marathon writing session and after about two hours I had about sixteen pages of really rough draft. There was one point where I was writing a magic ritual scene, and Vartinna was playing on my iPod and the scene was gelled in my mind and I was swaying to the music because I was there in the scene and the POV character said, "I love you," to the love interest and she said, "I know."

And I burst out laughing because I'd channelled my inner George Lucas. Luckily, Jerry & Kathy Oltion, Damon Kaswell, and everyone else at the table were tolerant.

This morning I've managed to trim out the Han Solo / Princess Leah dialogue. I've got about eight pages of useful writing and it's inserted into the rough draft of the short story, which is sitting at about twenty pages.
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