Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quick Notes

Survived the Faire. During our last act on Sunday, the winds were so strong a tent line for the stage's canopy snapped and a Very Large Pole fell near us. We were singing Percel's "I Gave Her Cakes" (I was in Renaissance Oyster Girl Drag at the time), and we kept singing as we propped up the pole for the stage manager folks to stake it into place. I think it was technically one of our better performances of the song as we were all bunched together to keep the pole from flying into the air (the canopy was an old, recycled parachute).

Arthur got to watch the Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance multiple times, but declined to play the triangle.

And... as I'm the guy who organizes the opening and closing parades, it was with great mirth that I managed to get the faire's troup of belly dancers to agree to dance in the final closing parade. I've been wanting to do that for years.

Mark was a sweetie for watching Arthur all weekend (and standing in for me at my Mother's birthday party).

I'm currently working on a short story I hope to have wrapped up by next week... we'll see if House Scraping and Painting permits this. And I have a ton of Book Signings coming up with Damon Kaswell.
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