Friday, September 07, 2007

Early September

It's a few weeks before the Equinox and the leaded crystals in the kitchen window are throwing rainbows around the room again. During the months when the Summer sunlight was too high to hit them, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the dancing sparkles.

It's time for the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire. This faire is going to be interesting; this year I'll have to see what busking with the harp will bring me in terms of purchasing faire momentos. I enjoy the faire, and it's turned into a time of year when I catch up with a bunch of folks I really only see once a year. My favorite vender wasn't there last year and I hope they return: they have a coin mint where they drop a Really Big Weight onto a blank coin to impress their designs.

Arthur is really interested in the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance horns (deer antlers on poles). He calls them "clackers" and will start to hum the processional music when he sees them. He really wants to whack things with them (in the dance the horns clash at various points in the procession), and was dissapointed when we told him he could clang a triangle during the dance (which is traditional).

In writing news, I've received at least three manuscript rejections... and I've one manuscript that I'm hoping is under consideration and not in some kind of sumissions limbo.
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