Thursday, August 30, 2007

Odd John Dream

I had the strangest New Age dream this morning.  The part I remember the best was that I was with a collection of dream people from various parts of my life (you know -- a collection of folks from college, your first job, relatives, and your current friends).  

Anyway, we were in some kind of college campus amphitheatre -- which reminded me a little of the Colly Soleri Amphitheatre at Arcosanti.  I have a vague, anxious sense there was some very important problem we were trying to solve; but my recall isn't too good on this part of the dream.  We were putting on a kind of show or seminar, and there were many people in the arced rows of seats.

It started raining.  The seating was under cover, but the stage was not.  The rain fell onto the stage and started to fill a large cylindrical bowl of clear glass.  This was a sign of some sort, so I went onto the stage, stood behind the bowl of collecting rainwater, held out my hands at waist level, and belted out a tri-tone (the kind you make by reasonating your soft pallet).

I closed my eyes as I was singing, and I saw all these flashing multi-colored stars.  My inner eyelid light show and singing went on for what seemed like a very long time.   When I finally opened my eyes, the audience was still there, and I appeared to have communicated something to them, as a number seemed transfixed (in a good way).  I had the sense that something had spoken to them through me as I was singing.  

And then the dream went on to other things.
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