Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pain t  Job

The scraping has begun.  Like the interior paint job, the last coat of paint was slapped over two (or three) well done coats.  Luckily, we only have scrape the ends of the house and can power clean the rest of the house.  

My Mom and Dad have come down to help.  Mom's been watching Arthur.  He was very interested in her sapphire ring, we're not sure if he was saying "light the fire" and pointing to her ring as a joke or if he misheard her.  

My Dad's been applying a cirtrus peal on his side of the house, and I've been scraping my side.  In order to get to the eaves above the garage, I've had to sort of do the limbo with the electrical power line leading to the house.  I think I'll switch to belly crawling over the structurally questionable tin roof shading our concrete patio.

Mark is taking Arthur on a road trip so we have a little less "monkey-see-monkey-do" to worry about.
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