Thursday, July 26, 2007

Notes from Mom

My sister was recently amused by how much one of my Mom's (long) e-mails was about Arthur. Here's bits:

Arthur is really becoming active. He wants to know what everything is. His favorite question is, "What's this?" (And he remembers) I guess he got into trouble last week because he said "Damn," which he told Mark that John had said. (Probably when he was plumbing in the new kitchen sink!) Anyway, he likes me to wear earrings. I told them they were at home in my jewelry box. He told me I should go home and get my earrings from the jewelry box. He likes the sapphire. At first he said, "Light the fire." John and I talked about that (when he was listening, after which he said sapphire).

Arthur has decided that he won't sleep in his crib anymore, and that he won't use the high chair anymore. He may be going back to the high chair because last night when we were eating he managed to rock his chair with a booster seat in it and went crashing to the ground. I thought maybe he had broken a leg because it was twisted underneath, but Mark had caught the back of the chair so it didn't come down on it. There were tears, but 10 minutes later he was jumping across the living room.

Anyway, Arthur and I have made ice cream that last few days. I found an article in the Bend Bulletin when we were over there last weekend that was put in by the Children's Museum on how to do it, complete with scientific explanation. It is done by putting the ingredients in a quart baggy and the salt and ice in a gallon baggy and shaking it for 10 minutes or until it gets hard. I cheat and after 10 minutes put it in the freezer until it is time for dessert. (Anyway if you are interested, they have stuff at
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