Monday, July 09, 2007

News Bites

I got a bio returned to me the other day. I'm assuming that someone thought I had made a typo of some sort, but they changed "lives with husband and son" to "lives with wife and son."

As Mark would say, little reminders like this are always instructive.

In other news...

Arthur's getting new teeth. The poor thing is very cranky. He's even learned the phrase, "cranky baby," which he says when he hasn't passed out from the effort of pushing molars through his gums.

The flea-death we put on Muriell has made Muriell a kind of walking "Graveyard of the Fleas." This is all very well and good as far as it goes, except that Muriell likes to shed tiny little convulsing members of Ctenocephalides felis on our sofas, lounges and beds.

It doesn't improve our home decor, but at least we can tell where she's been by the trail of insect carnage.
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