Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 4 Report

The afternoon of the Fourth, we went to our friend's house. A few years back, we drew a picture of Godzilla and had rolling tanks shoot firecrackers into it. Two years ago we made a kind of vampire baby with firecrackers in its really huge diaper -- you can imagine what happened when the tanks attacked that.

This year we made an Abba Train. It was a left-over from Arthur's birthday party. Well. OK. We added Abba that morning because one of Arthur's favorite new songs is "Voulez Vou."

Mark didn't buy any tanks (or chickens) this year. He bought smoke bombs and killer bees.

First we put in a smoke bomb. It made yellow smoke. We fixed it so that half of Abba was smoking on the train.

Afte the smoke cleared, we put in the killer bees. Mark swears that he lined up the fireworks with the train's smoke stack.

Arthur was mostly OK with the train catching fire, but we did have to assure him that we'd make a new train later. He reminds us several times a day. "Train. Smoke coming out."

Hmmm. I can hear the dreams now: "I drempt I built this train for my date, but then my Dads set it on fire." Better put $5 into the therapy fund.

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