Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good Writing Day

Yesterday was a good writing day. I managed to get three stories into the mail; between the PHP script I wrote to suggest markets and some on-line resources I spent my time actually sending stories instead of puzzling over where to send them.

I got a little bit further on a short story I'm working on; the set-up is there, and I have a good idea for the ending. Typically, I need to make sure I have more of the characters' emotions on the page -- this is challenging because they're really alien and I'm noticing how much I rely on snorts, sighs, grins and shrugs; none of which my aliens can do.

The weather here is supposed to be hot (in the 90's) but last night a lightning storm rolled in and cooled things off. If we're really good with open windows and a box fan, we can get the house cooled down in the morning and it will stay about ten to fifteen degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Arthur has been sleeping long hours lately. I imagine there's another tooth looming in our future.
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