Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Corn Gods & Caterpillars

Scene: Mark and John are trying to get Arthur to go to sleep. Somehow, he's gotten a hold of his plastic corn cob and plastic knife. Mark and John have convinced Arthur that he's not allowed to summersault with pretend knives in his hands, but now that the acrobatics are done, the knife is back out.

Arthur (climbing onto Mark's stomach): "Climbing." (Jumps up and down on as if Mark's abdomen were a bronco.)

Mark: "Ooof! Are you (ooof!) some sort of (ooof!) Aztec harvest god with your (oooof) corn and knife?"

In other news, Arthur was recently gifted with two kids' books (by the author) which feature same-sex parents. She lives on the route to the market and noticed that Arthur had two dads. Actually, she probably noticed Arthur first, because he told her about the caterpillar infestation in one of her (since removed) trees. I think "scary caterpillars" was a discussion topic this time around, too.
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