Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Pagan Song Goofiness

I managed to finish up the script for Sunday's Worship Service. Now I'll have to rehearse it a few times to make sure I can sing all the songs I'm making people sing. One of the songs we're singing is "Air I Am," which is one of my favorites. However, while I was puzzling out what songs to sing, I made a discovery; one can sing the words "Sam I Am / Sam I Am / Do you like green eggs and ham?" to the tune of "Air I Am." I was so tempted to make the Unitarian Universalists sing this, but I figured some of the more serious pagans would start talking behind my back. Maybe we can have an April 1 service some time.

I decided to ditch a truncated chorus from "Circles" for this weekend's concluding spiral dance in favor of "We Come from the Water," which I first heard Henry Belafonte sing on "The Muppet Show" (gee, that dates me). When I found the song in a pagan song book, I was horrified to see that the song's title was "We Come from de Water." I'm still not sure if I'm more horrified by the implied racism that Africans can't pronounced the word "the" or (ala Henry Higgins) by the propagation of poor English.

I also managed to submit a story (finally) to Clarksworld.

Happy first full day of Summer -- darkness is rising!
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