Sunday, June 24, 2007

King of the Who?

Thursday night I had a dream about the Matter of Britain.   It started out at Reed College, in the canyon above the lake and to the north of what used to be the Art Building (at least in 1987).  I was walking around (with a bunch of other folks -- I really only remember that they were dressed in poofy clothing).

I was on a slope and some water started spurting out of a spring and onto a plant with philodendron or rhubarb leaves.  A woman (the Lady of the Lake?  Nimue?)  needed the water to wake King Arthur, but there wasn't enough coming out of the spring.  I took a little pick (larger than a garden trowel, but smaller than the real thing) and managed to unclog whatever was blocking the water and it came out in a larger stream.   We managed to collect enough to wake the King.

There was a break or something and we were inside a kind of hotel room.  King Arthur was asleep, with a crown and his clothes, completely submerged in water in a kind of 50's style laundry washer.  It was a big box with a clear glass front where you'd normally see the laundry.  

I turned to Nimue and joked, "Oh, ma'am; I see your problem:  You've got a king in your washer."   There was a moment where we were pondering which vessle to pour the water from the spring out of and into the washer -- we had a clear glass flagon, or a ceramic goblet with a white glaze and a dark green Celtic knot running around the outside.  

We chose the clear glass and started pouring the water over King Arthur.  There was an invocation to Iesu Christi in Latin, and also a pagan spell.  The water in the clear glass turned reddish, and as we poured it into the washer, that water turned red as well.  Then King Arthur woke up.

There was some more about Morgan LeFay, who appeared shortly after King Arthur was awake, but I don't remember much about it other than Morgan was using lawyer-speak to try to intimidate us.
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