Friday, June 15, 2007

Crater Lake

We spent some time with friends in a "cabin" about an hour away from Crater Lake. I think I spent the most time out of anyone there in the hot tub.

There was still large fields of snow at the lake, mostly on the north side. I was looking at my photos of Wizard Island and you'd hardly believe they were taken on the same day.

We hiked up to an observation point above the Crater Lake Lodge. It's a little steep, but not too long. Arthur slept in a backpack on Mark's back on the way up. As we were sitting at the point looking down into the blue depths of the lake, Arthur wiggled, and said, "Smoke! More please!" We figured he was dreaming about trains.

Probably the most fun I had was photographing some of the flowers along the path with my macro lens. I got some pretty nice shots of indian paintbrush and some butterflies. But the best part was lying on the path to take a picture and having another hiker discover me. She was very relieved when I moved, because she didn't take in my camera when she first found my supine form blocking the path.

Arthur walked most of the way down the path by himself. Mark carried him the rest of the way. When we asked him what color the lake was, he grinned and replied, "Orange!"

After the hike, we stopped at the lodge, where the lackluster wait staff took forever to serve us drinks. The interior was fun, though.
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