Thursday, May 24, 2007

Road Tour

We drove to New Paltz for Megan's birthday. Megan and Morgan (and their two sons, Marley and Maceio) live in a cute, high ceilinged cottage. Morgan is a carpenter and Megan teaches trapeze.

We hung out with Megan and the boys. Arthur liked playing in the kid pool and sandbox. Megan and I had some short chats about strategies for raising two-year-olds.

After a while the bugs found me so I retired inside. I read tarot for Megan and Veronica. (And for the record: no, not every reading I did this week had the Three of Swords or the Nine of Swords in it.)

Just before we left, Mark and I had to sing the theme song to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Since we've seen scenes from the movie about two hundred times in the last year it was easy for us to sing harmonies and orchestra flourishes to an appreciative crowd.

We left around 8 PM so Arthur could get some sleep. He's getting a little worn out meeting people.

I notice that the Damn Hamster is sitting on top of the refrigerator.
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