Friday, May 11, 2007

Jackie Oh!

My Mom wants to take us to a tea party and fashion show. So we're going.

"Do we get to wear Jackie O hats?" I asked. I'm not exactly sure I can reproduce the sound my Mom made over the phone. "Are you going to wear your Jackie O hat?" I asked once she could speak again.

"Well..." she said, "I'm not even sure I still have a Jackie O hat. I'll have to look in my hat boxes..."

I told Mark about the tea party and how we would both have to wear Jackie O hats.

Arthur piped up, "Jackie O hat!" and then repeated this phrase about fifty times. Mark accused me of dressing up Arthur in pill box hats all day, and then said that he wasn't going to wear a Jackie O hat.

"Oh, come on," I said, recalling his black pill box hat with a half-viel of black lace. "At least wear a broach. I think I might wear my Indian Wedding caftan."

Mark muttered something about a laundry accident.

More on High Tea Hijinx with the Ladies who Lunch after the event...

On the Arthur front, Arthur has been demanding that I sing (or play) Sting's version of the Christmas carol, "Gabriel's Message". It took me the longest time to figure out what he meant by "Angel; Sing," because he would get this slightlly out-of-focus look in his eyes and he would hold up his hands. For a moment I thought he was having some kind of religous (or at least New Age) experience, but then I realized his hand motions were his sign for singing and dancing.

Also on the Arthur front, I noticed that the word "chocolate" became more frequent this week. That's because Mark had bought a bag of chocolate buttons and was sneaking them behind my back. Arthur could smell them on Mark's breath and was asking for his own. Now if I could train Arthur to find my keys... hmmm.... on second thought, that's probably a bad idea.
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