Sunday, May 27, 2007

But Don't Eat It...

We had a stay-at-home day at Grandma Mary's House.

Melora pulled out a recipe for play dough. Arthur got into making it and to playing with it. We had to remind him a lot not to eat it (it has unsweetened Kool-Aide in it). Veronica came for a visit, and she enjoyed playing with Arthur and his new dough.
We ate outside.

I download a modular-programming package called "Scratch" for Kristina to play with.

Mark worked on stain glass pigs. It's a pattern that his Mom works on; but she doesn't paint as well as Mark does. The catch is that Mark gets bored painting the same thing over and over again, so one of the pigs became a pirate pig (with an eyepatch and a mermaid tattoo).

Today is our last full day in Suffern -- tomorrow we're going off to the airport around 2 PM.

As we sat down for a picnic snack in the garage (set up by Kristina) we recalled what our high points of the visit had been. Mine was navigating from Suffern to the MET and back (with a side trip to Maison du Chocolat) and back without getting lost. Mellisa's (and Mary's) was the pool party at Matt and Joanie's house. Arthur's was the train ride at the park.

My writing (beyond this blogging) has been non-existent. I did read a little from my new book on hieroglyphs. And I did watch a few new shows.
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