Friday, April 13, 2007

Quick Update

I've been tired the last few days.

I've been busy editing (or trying to edit, anyway) my Sword and Sorceress story. The Wordos found a bunch of typical "John Mistakes" with the manuscript and I have about a week to fix them all.

The 19th Annual Easter Bunny Nuke went well... I finally broke down and purchased a set of Looney Tunes cartoons so that we could play "What's Opera Doc" ("Kill the Wabbit!") before melting chocolate bunnies in the microwave. The only hitch is that Arthur thinks "What's Opera, Doc" is a "scarey movie." It's gotten to the point that when something scares him he says, "Spear and magic helmet," or just "helmet." This afternoon it was the thick black clouds in the sky (just like the ones Elmer Fudd uses to strike Bugs Bunny down with lightning).

Yesterday Arthur made two new best friends at a candle and health spa in the mini-mall near our house. He was working the cuteness.

Today we met a child slightly younger and with more articulate words than Arthur.

Arthur continues to think that feeding me imaginary ladybugs and Mark imaginary banannas is hysterically funny. It's gotten to the point where he feeds us (well, me anyway) fake banannas that are really ladybugs and then says, "trick."

There are a bunch of teeth about to push up through his gums.

OK -- Mark and Arthur are asleep, off to write.
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