Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cute Train

I finished a draft of my Sword and Sorceress story -- just in time to bring it to Wordos for critique. The good news is that the story is finished, the bad news is that I'm really tired because I was up rather late puting on the final touches. I need to change my circadian rhythem so that my most productive time isn't 11 PM. Oh wait, that's when Mark and Arthur are asleep.... hmmm.

I've joined a writing goal group, and I was going to post more writing goals and things, but it seems that I can't find an e-mail client that won't put annoying little breaks into my text when it is posted to the blog. It's been really helpful to write down what I've accomplished on a daily basis and also my weekly goals; but having to edit my goals twice sort of cuts into actual writing.

Arthur's recovering from his lost fight with gravity. This morning when I dressed him up in overalls, I said, "You're cute!" and it went to his head. "Cute! Cute!" was about the only thing he would say today (that and "Trains! Trains!" when we got Eric Carle's "1, 2, 3 to the Zoo" at the Library). Oh yes. We thought the Train Bug was bad before, but you should hear Arthur now. The only books he wants to read are about trains.
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