Monday, March 26, 2007

John's Writing Progress

Went to print out *Sky Dance* and discovered (after fiddling with power and data cables) that I don't have enough paper. I'll have to buy some tomorrow so I can make my drop-dead deadline for mailing it out to Eric.

Managed to get John Goodwin's newspaper clipping together and will mail it tomorrow morning before Scary Reading Hour.

Mark was great and entertained Arthur this evening. Got further in the *Lapis Heron*. Realized I'd put in a Dues Ex Machina and now I have to take it out. And write the conclusion. And double-check my character's emotional calculus.

Arthur's cutting a secondary bicuspid (it looks like he's getting a left vampire fang). Between going to Scary Reading Hour, visiting my Grandmother, and buying paper, I have a feeling that going to Wordos is the only "writing activity" that I'm going to get done tomorrow (unless the nap fairy comes).

- John

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