Monday, March 26, 2007

Christine Lavin Understudy

Scene: The local super market. John is pushing Arthur through the Isle of Wickedness.

John: (Looking at yet another potato chip bag marked "no salt" in between two others marked "sea salt and vinegar" and "salt and pepper"). Where are the ones that are marked 'salted' or even 'extra salt?' (Contemplates chocolate) Gee, I guess I really do want potato chips dipped in chocolate."

Arthur: (Loudlly) "Cwrack!"

John: "What? (recalling the Christine Lavin song, 'Stop Your Sobbing,' wherein the ex-spouse is described as an 'potato chips dipped in chocolate then crack'). Um. Potato chips dipped in chocolate ?"

Arthur: "Cwrack! Cwrack! CWRACK!"

At least it wasn't "Meth!" he was shouting.
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