Friday, February 23, 2007

Three Minutes of Infamy

This morning was "Listener's Choice Friday" on KWAX. I usually request something -- sometimes for me (like Allison Balsom's trumpet rendition of Der Hölle Rache) and sometimes for Arthur (like The Carnival of the Animals). Once, when Arthur had been playing with a musical toy that let him play Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik as if it were a sampled rap tune, I was able to request the real thing on KWAX (much to my relief). The morning hostess, Caitriona Bolster, usually takes the requests, and she's always been extremely gracious about listening to the latest Arthur exploits or "John stories" about why I want to listen to Wagner's Valhalla theme (or whatever).

Today, I explained that, although I was no Orpheus, I wanted to listen to Monteverde's opening toccata from the Orfeo because I had won a writing contest (OK, and I secretly wanted to promenade through the house channelling my inner Miss Piggy, pretending that all those trumpets were for my benefit and that if I turned around, a glittery opera house moon throne would be waiting to loft me high into the air...).

Caitriona was thrilled and offered to say my name and mention "Writers of the Future." I really should have specified that I'd won third place, and so for about three minutes (while I frantically speed-dialed the station to phone in my grateful thanks, an apology, and a correction), throughout all of Lane County, I was the first place winner (oops). Mea culpa (note to self: from now on say, "I placed third in WOTF..." and drink plenty of tea before you talk to the media.) Caitriona announced the correction with savoir faire and enthusiasm (whew).

In other news. Arthur's pushing out a new tooth. This explains some of the falling down for no apparent reason that I've seen the last two days. Also, for entertainment, I've shown him that I can catch coins from off of my elbow. I'm pretty sure he's mystified how they get into my palm. I know it's wrong to be amused when you mystify a twenty-one month old, but I expect to get a lot of mileage out of this one.
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