Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Marathon Tuesday

Whew. What a day.

It started out nicely; Mark had to work late tonight, so he got to stay with us in the morning. It was very relaxing for me to have him watching Arthur (and making waffles for breakfast). Arthur and I went to Scary Reading Hour at the Library and saw Elizabeth and Jamie (and a zillion semi-cranky toddlers). Then we were off to Corvallis.

I was going to harp for my Grandmother today, but the hospital decided that they needed her bed and that they were going to discharge her to a nursing home. By the time that I got to Corvallis they were gearing up to move her and then Arthur had to take a nap while everyone was down visiting her. Anyway, Arthur and I spent a nice day visiting with my parents and my Aunt Joanne (oh, and Sierra the German shepherd). Probably the most important thing that Arthur learned was that one shouldn't run down hill on a grassy slope. I think the most amusing moment (for me anyway) was when my Aunt Joanne asked, "John, if you're following Arthur around all the time, when do you get anything done?' I assured her that our house was A) smaller and B) more baby-proof -- or I would have had Arthur not chosen that moment to pull his high chair down on himself.

I realized that Arthur hadn't had enough sleep in the ride up to Corvallis, so I managed to get him to nap in the afternoon; with the result that I left Corvallis much later than intended. I drove I-5 like crazy and managed to get him to The Wilds in time to zoom off to the Wordos. After Wordos it was back to The Wilds to pick up Arthur and go home to "Bitty Bitty Bang Bang."

Arthur was pretty sleepy, so I managed to get him to fall alseep with a combination of Make Way for Ducklings, The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog and plunking him into his crib. Mark still isn't home from work, and there's still no word from WOTF (although there was one message left at 10 something this morning that was a series of beeps; but that was probably the aliens).
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